Enhanced Performance Systems - ICCS

Why take the ICCS?  - This article describes the performance relevance of the concentration and communication skills measured by the ICCS, and shows how your strengths in one performance situation can become your biggest weakness in another.  It is the predictable relationship between your scores on the ICCS, and the performance demands of the situation(s) you find yourself in that results in the generation of a report that will lead you through the development of a program designed to help you perform up to your potential under highly challenging and/or stressful conditions.


Identifying and Developing World Class Performers - This article is about the use of TAIS in the development of world-class athletes.  The article appears as a chapter in the book “The Practice of Sport Psychology,” edited by Gershon Tenenbaum, and published by Fitness Information Technology in 2001.


Can You Perform Under Pressure? - “Question: What do the navy Seals, the U.S. Ski Team, and the Tucson Police Department have in common? Answer: more than you might think. Every day, members of these organizations make critical decisions under pressure with less information than they'd like. And ultimately, not everyone makes the grade.  Which is why all three organizations have turned to the same expert to help select people who can handle the strain, help coach people who can't, and otherwise improve personal and group performance.


Calming the Mind so that the Body can Perform -  This article talks about the “zone,” that experience in sport when mind and body become one. It describes what it’s like when you get into the zone, and defines the conditions that must be met for you to become one with your sport.


Creating a Psychological Profile for Olympic Champions - An examination of the psychological profiles of 239 Olympic and World Champion athletes reveals some surprising findings.  Findings that have implications for anyone who hopes to become a world champion athlete.


FAQ’s About Concentration and The Martial Arts - William Reed, a 7th degree black belt in Aikido, and the author of “Ki – A Road That Anyone Can Walk,” had the following questions for Dr. Nideffer about the role that concentration plays in the practice of the martial arts.


FAQ’s About The Use of TAIS and the ICCS In Sport - In 2000 the Olympics were being held in Sydney Australia. Prior to the game the Australian press did a number of stories focusing on the preparation of Australian Athletes for the Sydney Olympics. TAIS had been used as a tool to help develop the mental skills of Athletes at the Australian Institute for Sport (AIS), and as a tool to facilitate communication between athletes and their coaches since 1982. The questions in this article were the questions being asked about TAIS by the press.


Getting Into The Optimal Performance State - When we talk about ultimate performance states we are really talking about two different states.  “The Zone,” is that ultimate performance state athletes enter from time to time where things seem to happen in slow motion and the individual performs well beyond any level they might have imagined.  The flow state is the intellectual’s equivalent performance state.  It is a highly creative, automatic state within which ideas and thoughts seem to flow effortlessly onto a page or an artists canvas.  This article discusses the differences between these two states and what it takes on the part of an individual to enter them.