Enhanced Performance Systems - ICCS

Early in your career it is differences in education, and in natural talent that determine the outcome of a competition. As your skills, knowledge, and talents become more fully developed however, and as the level of competition increases, the difference between winning and losing is much more likely to be psychological in nature.

Oh, there will be technical and tactical errors that on the surface account for poor performance. In reality however those mistakes are caused by psychological variables, by breaks in concentration, and/or by emotions like anxiety, frustration, and anger that get out of control. Thus the key to success and to the fulfillment of your potential revolves around your ability to control concentration and to manage your emotions.

The different versions (sport, management, and education) of the ICCS and their associated reports, have been designed to help you identify the particular types of errors you are most likely to make as the pressure to perform increases. Then, armed with that information the report guides you through the specific steps you need to take to develop greater control over your ability to concentrate and communicate effectively with others under highly competitive and/or challenging situations.

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