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What are the Similarities and Differences Between TAIS and the ICCS?

Both TAIS and the ICCS can be used to help you identify your concentration strengths and weaknesses, and both can be used to help you develop a targeted mental skills training program. A mental skills training program that will help you perform up to your potential under highly competitive and/or challenging conditions.

Both TAIS and ICCS can be used to tell you whether or not the pattern of your scores (e.g., your relative strengths and weaknesses) is or is not similar to the pattern found with other groups. For example, is your pattern of scores like that of world champion athletes, or like that of CEO’s, or like that of engineers, etc.

Only TAIS, however, can be used to make between subject comparisons. It is one thing to say the pattern of your scores is like that of world champions, it is quite another to say that you are performing at the level of a world champion.


How Important Are Between Subject Comparisons?

Not important at all if your goal is to identify where it is that you can improve and to then develop a program to accomplish that goal. If on the other hand, the goal is to use test information to make a selection decision where the objective is to select the best possible person for a particular job, position, or responsibility, then TAIS should be used.


What Are The Costs For Taking TAIS and ICCS?

The cost for taking either, the sport, business, or education version of the ICCS is $20.00. For twenty dollars you get a report that defines your strengths and weaknesses and guides you through the development of a mental skills training program.

The cost for taking TAIS varies from between $70, and $400.


Why Is TAIS so Expensive?

Because TAIS is used to help make selection and screening decisions based on between subject comparisons, you not only have to pay for the inventory, but you have to pay for a professional consultation. It is the job of a trained professional, someone who has a great deal of knowledge about the performance characteristics of the group you are being compared with (e.g., CEO’s or world champion athletes), as well as a great deal of knowledge about TAIS, to consensually validate test findings and ensure that the best possible decision is being made.


Who Will See My ICCS Test Report?

You need a username and password to take the ICCS. If you purchase that username and password yourself, then you have complete control over who sees and/or has access to your test report.

The username and password allow you to take the inventory one time. Immediately after you respond to the questions you get a report which you can read on line, print, and/or save as a pdf.

You can also return to the ICCS login page and re-enter your password and username to generate your report a second, third, or fourth time, should you want to. This fact has implications for you when someone else gives you a username and password, because they will have access to your results if they keep a copy of the username and password that they gave to you.


Where Can I Go For Tech Support?

Our goal is to respond to all technical questions and issues within 24 hours.

You can reach us by email at: techsupport@nideffer.com

You can reach us by phone at: 858-413-6426


Can I Get A Referral To A Professional For Additional Help If So Desired?

We may, or may not be able to help with a referral, a lot will depend upon where you are, and obviously on the connections we have. We are always working on the development of a referral network.

You can contact Dr. Robert Nideffer about a possible referral at:



FAQ’s About Concentration and The Martial Arts

William Reed, a 7th degree black belt in Aikido, and the author of “Ki – A Road That Anyone Can Walk,” had the following questions for Dr. Nideffer about the role that concentration plays in the practice of the martial arts.

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FAQ’s About The Use of TAIS and the ICCS In Sport

In 2000 the Olympics were being held in Sydney Australia. Prior to the game the Australian press did a number of stories focusing on the preparation of Australian Athletes for the Sydney Olympics. TAIS had been used as a tool to help develop the mental skills of Athletes at the Australian Institute for Sport (AIS), and as a tool to facilitate communication between athletes and their coaches since 1982. The questions in this article were the questions being asked about TAIS by the press.

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