Enhanced Performance Systems - ICCS

Apollo 13This Youtube video clip shows the importance of teamwork and also illustrates how different concentration styles can work together to solve problems when there is mutual respect and trust between the members of the team.  To get the astronauts of Apollo 13 safely back to earth required both the analytical and strategic skills necessary to come up with an over all game plan, and the detailed perfectionism necessary to successfully execute that gameplan.

The High Cost of AngerThis Youtube video show Zinedine Zidane losing control over his anger in the closing minutes of the final game of the 2006 world cup soccer match between France and Italy. With the score tied and the game in the final minute of overtime, Zidane in response to an insult from one of the Italian players head butted him and was ejected from the competition. Italy went on to win the world cup in a shoot out, that Zidane could not participate in.

Johnny Carson:  Johnny Carson at his funniest as he learns how to use attention control training, and centering, to break a board with his head.


The Importance of Mental Skills:  This introduction by Frank Gifford of ABC-TV to the Olympic games highlights the importance of mental skills at an elite level in sport.


Al Pacino - Inches:  In this Youtube video clip of coach Tony D'Amato's pregame locker room speech you can discover the secrets for effective motivation and crisis intervention.


Dana Kunze - World High Dive Record:  In this Youtube video Dana Kunze provides a great example of the way in which breathing (centering) is used to help an athlete adjust muscle tension and focus concentration immediately prior to performing.